Steps in the Hiring Process

Listing Jobs on Company Websites : Most larger companies, and many smaller companies, post available jobs on their company website. Job applicants can search for jobs, review job listings and apply for jobs online. Job seekers may be able to set up job search agents to notify them via email of new openings. Some companies schedule interviews online, as well.

Posting Jobs Online : Companies that are actively recruiting candidates will not only post jobs on their website but will also post jobs on job boards and other job sites. Jobs may be posted on general job boards like Monster and/or on niche sites like MediaBistro, for example.

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Using LinkedIn : Companies may post open positions on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. In addition, companies may search LinkedIn to find candidates to recruit. LinkedIn Groups are another venue that employers use to post jobs and find applicants.

Job Application Process : Here's information on the entire job application process including applying for jobs, resumes and cover letters, applicant testing, background and reference checks, interviewing and the hiring process.

Interview Process : The interview process isn't a matter of getting called for a job interview, interviewing and getting a job offer. In many cases, it is complex and may involve multiple interviews. Here are the steps involved in the interview process.

Hiring Process : Here's an overview of each step in the hiring process, including applying for jobs, interviewing, employment testing, background checks, and job offers, along with tips and advice for each step in the hiring process.